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Lee Collier Realty offers several options to assist you in selling your Lehigh Aces home, duplex, condo or lot.

There are several factors that determine at what price and how quickly your home will sell.

 Location. It is what it is. You cannot really change it,

 Condition. This is determined by the seller at the advice and counseling of the Agent.

Price. This is determined by the seller with the Agent's counsel.

Marketing. This is determined by the Agent with the seller's approval and outlined expectations.

Seasonality. The time of year makes a difference. Interest rates and economic conditions. Competition: how many other similar homes are on the market.

When listing your home with a Realtor, there is a myriad of mutual expectations. Satisfaction of these is accomplished only through effective communication and an action plan that is agreed to in advance by both parties and continuously monitored and adjusted via critical feedback.

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