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If you are considering building or purchasing a Lehigh Acres new home then there are a number of factors you should consider before starting your search. It does not matter if you are building a house, attached villa or duplex or purchasing a lot in Lehigh there are things you should know.

  A. Using a knowledgeable real estate agent can actually same you money and time.

Did you know that you can use one of our real estate agents, the builder pays us and it does not cost you more than if you went directly to them? 

Best of all we can negotiate in your behalf! Be sure to call us first so that we can give you proper advice on new homes in Lehigh Acres.

Note: Your agent must be registered with the builder or community before you go into the model or community. Allow your agent to get the materials from the builder or community and do the research for you


B. Not all builders are created equal


There are a number of local builders and national builders in Lee County and selecting the right one is very important. What is you were building a home and the builder went out of business and with your money? This has happened so let us guide you and help you get the best price.


Builders may have different construction standards, which must be considered in the building process.


C. Upgrades and Options


 A major cost in building a new home are the upgrades above the standard features that you want in your home. This cannot only be items like tile vs. carpet but also livable features like door heights, cabinet quality, and much more.

Again it is important to have an experienced agent to assist you or you may pay too much which could be thousands of dollars.


D. Selecting the right lot and location


You remember the saying Location – Location is the key to real estate. Selecting the proper lot when building your

Lehigh Acres home is very important in terms of retaining value when you decide to sell. Also the amount of fill required to bring you foundation up to county code could be thousands of dollars different from one lot to another.


E. Closing Costs


Closing costs can be negotiated as they amount to thousands of dollars for permits, Florida State taxes, Association fees and others.


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